Benefits for Professionals

CLIMB is an acronym for Children's Lives Include Moments of Bravery. But it's really more than that. It's an enjoyable, sharing, interactive session for children of parents with cancer to come together to deal with their feelings. Children are powerfully shaped by their external environment, which social scientists refer to as the Power of Context. Thus, in this context of the CLIMB group activities, wherein small groups of children engage in art therapy and play therapy as tools to enable them to express their feelings, an almost magical transformation takes place. Children learn basic information about cancer, but more important, that they are not alone: other kids are dealing with the same emotional upheaval. And collectively, under the studied guidance of caring professional therapists, the children develop coping skills. Moreover, the interaction of the children in this context can not be underestimated. The sharing and bonding of the children results in such expressions as, "I'd rather go to the support group than the soccer practice," or as an older child said, "Why wouldn't you want me to go to the support group?"

Thus, CLIMB provides professionals with the tools, program and confidence to launch a unique, six-week psychosocial intervention, emotional support program at their cancer hospital for families with cancer. The benefits to both you and your organizational are many, including:

  1. You're offering a value-added service to your patient that reduces stress and allows for their immune system response to be more effective. 
  2. The program is proven, cost-effective and easy-to-implement. 
  3. You can customize the program to meet your unique organizational needs.
  4. Through our CTF forum, you receive ongoing guidance, support of CTF, and the existing network of professionals who have implemented the program. 
  5. Utilizing the CLIMB® brand in your program materials links you to other successful CLIMB programs around the country, that are receiving favorable media attention.

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